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I put a pdf version of this guide on the DMs Guild right here. I had a few requests from people who wanted a print-friendly version.

The guide is trimmed slightly, but I kept all of the relevant information and added a little bit here and there. This is a reference to help Dungeon Masters running Out of the Abyss, the new adventure for the Rage of Demons storyline.

The point of this is to help DMs prepare to run the adventure. If I can, I will try to do some of your prep work for you. I cooked two up for you, one short, and one more detailed: Short Adventure Summary : The heroes are imprisoned by the drow. They escape and try to find a way to the surface world. As they travel, they see that demon lords have somehow come to the underdark. Upon reaching the surface world, King Bruenor of Gauntlgrym asks the group to go back down and try to deal with the demon lords.

The heroes go back down, find a magic library and meet a drow named Vizeran. He has a plan: make a talisman that can summon the demon lords to a single spot in the underdark, and let them kill each other.

This will banish their essences back to the Abyss. The heroes will have to kill off the last demon lord standing. The group breaks out with the NPCs and tries to find a way out of the underdark. The drow pursue them the entire way. They may end up in: Sloobludop – Where kuo toa worship Demogorgon. Gracklstugh – Where duergar have problems with a derro faction. Neverlight Grove – Where Zuggtmoy has tainted the myconids. Blingdenstone – Where an agent of Juiblex is causing problems.

The DM decides where the group can find an exit out of the underdark. They should be 7th level when leaving. The drow have a final showdown with the group as they head through the exit tunnel. The group should be level 8 when heading to Gauntlgrym.

The group either seeks out or is summoned to Gauntlgrym, home of the dwarves. The group takes a small army of NPCs down to the underdark to try to find a solution to the demon lord problem.

They go to Mantol-Derith and get a magic ring from a Zhent agent. The ring shows the way to Gravenhollow. The heroes should be 10th level by this point. The group has the chance to shatter a gem and banish Fraz-Urb’luu. They use the ring to get to Gravenhollow, a magic library that can help them figure out what to do about the demonic incursion.

In Gravenhollow, the heroes learn that all of this may have been caused by a wizard named Gromph Baenre of Menzoberranzan. They meet a wizard named Vizeran DeVir who invites the group to his tower. The group meets with Vizeran in his tower. If the group can get ingredients to create a talisman, he can cast a ritual that will bring all the demon lords together so they can kill each other.

With their physical forms destroyed, their essences will return to the Abyss. The Wormwrithings is where the group can obtain some ingredients. They can also learn about the maze engine here. The Labyrinth contains more ingredients and an encounter with Yeenoghu. The group might use a device called the Maze Engine to banish Yeenoghu and Baphomet.

The heroes are called on to aid Araumycos chapter The group can get an elusive ingredient timmasks for the ritual here. The group might banish Zuggtmoy and Juiblex.

The heroes bring the ingredients to Vizeran. He makes the dark heart talisman. Now the heroes need to place the dark heart somewhere. Vizeran casts the ritual from his home tower. The demon lords are summoned to the dark heart.

They slaughter each other.. Except for one. The adventurers have to take down the last demon lord standing. What Level Should the Heroes Be? Basically, the group should gain a level in each chapter except the two travel chapters 2 and The book gives vague guidelines. The heroes should be level 7 when they escape the underdark, and they should be level 15 when fighting Demogorgon in the final chapter. Place the Magic Sword Somewhere : In the back of the book, there are details on this sword called Dawnbringer page I had a hard time finding where it was in the adventure.

If you decide not to run the tomb, you should place this sword somewhere else. Appendix A: Modifying Backgrounds I am putting this in the beginning of this guide, because you should deal with this ideally before the campaign even starts. I am going to list each bond from page and then briefly note how it plays into the adventure: Friend of the Kuo-Toa : You might want to say that the hero made friends with Ploopploopeen page He can become an ally of the group in chapter 3. She gives the group giant lizard mounts and some NPC allies.

Davra is a Zhentarim agent who has a small role in this adventure. She has goggles of night and dust of disappearance. Library Dream : This dream refers to Gravenhollow page , a magic library run by stone giants.

You might want to say that the hero is able to catch glimpses of the future like Ustova, the Keeper of the Future page Perhaps she can train this PC and enhance their precognitive abilities. Or maybe the PC could summon a spirit echo now and then page Kazook Pickshine : Kazook page has a small role in this adventure.

He owns a merchant stall in Blingdenstone. Ghazrim DuLoc : Ghazrim page has the ring that the group needs to find Gravenhollow. He is part of a very chaotic battle in Mantol-Derith and is likely to die in it. My Family is Imprisoned : Blingdenstone page 95 was raided by the drow years ago, so that might make a good location for the past abduction.

The family could be prisoners in Gracklstugh page 57 or Menzoberranzan maybe family members are part of the slave parade on page Gauntlgrym : This is similar to the Feldrun clan background. Gauntlgrym ultimately plays a small role in this adventure. Maybe the hero has a magic item made in the Great Forge page and would like to repair the severed conduits perhaps the PC could learn how to do this in Gravenhollow. Chapter 1: Prisoners of the Drow Sarith, drow outcast This whole campaign starts off with the heroes having been captured.

You should let your players know this ahead of time, as this kind of thing can cause problems with some players. Restrained : The slave collars and manacles put the heroes in the restrained condition. They have normal speed. Each PC has been a prisoner in Velkenvelve for d10 days.

Roll on the chart on page 5 to see if a PC has a scavenged item unless you decide to have the characters steal these items during forced labor. They are fed once per day – a thin mushroom broth in a clay bowl. The adventurers are being held in area 11, the slave pen page Magical Wards: Spells cast in the pen have no effect. Bad guys can cast spells into the pen from the outside. This will be a nice way for a PC to stick up for Stool and begin to roleplay and portray their character.

Or who knows, maybe the adventurers will want to bully Stool, too. But this is a nice place to have the players introduce their character. Telepathy : The most important thing to remember is that Stool will probably use his rapport spores to allow everyone to communicate telepathically.

This is extremely helpful when planning an escape. That means you will need to be very familiar with them. These stats assume they are not wearing armor. After the group escapes, he wants to kill the heroes one by one. Wants to go to Gracklstugh. He goes into a violent rage both in times of stress, and when someone grills him on his story.

If so, she asks the heroes to bring her shield and warhammer back to Gauntlgrym, her home. At will: Nondetection self only. Has a gambling problem. Constantly makes wagers. Loves money. Can guide the party to Blingdenstone.

Check out the sidebar on page Jimjar might be a god in disguise! A bully. Hates Eldeth. Fled from a battle with dwarves and thinks his god, Gruumsh, is punishing him. Casts spells, DC At will: Dancing Lights. Wants to go to Neverlight Grove. Knows the Underdark well. Hermit and mystic. Calm and peaceful. Wants to share his enlightenment with the kuo-toa of Sloobludop.

Affected creatures can communicate telepathically with each other while within 30 feet. This lasts for one hour. Wants to return to Neverlight Grove but not sure how to get there. Might become attached to a character like an enthusiastic younger sibling. Stats are the same in each form except for size. Topsy is female and does all the talking. Turvy is her brother, and mumbles darkly. They were recently infected with the curse of lycanthropy.

Jobs : The prisoners are divided into 3 groups and put to work for a third of the day, supervised by quaggoths. You are going to have to decide if your heroes are put in the same group, or set apart.

You might want to have your heroes quietly steal the items from the list on page 5. The quaggoths will be watching them, but you can bet your PCs will be thinking of anything they can to slip a knife in their boot or.

Operate the Lift : This is on page 12, area 5. Clean Area of the Outpost : The place that makes most sense for this would be the barracks on page 11, area 2. Empty Chamber Pots : Waste is dumped into the pool in area 14, page There is a very aggressive grey ooze in the pool, which makes for a lot of fun possibilities. Maybe the adventurers notice it somehow, and are able to trick their overseers into getting to close to the pool.

Food preparation and service : This would be in area 3 on page The heroes could be in charge of serving 4 drow who are playing cards. The drow would probably yell at the heroes for any infraction. You could make a skill challenge out of preparing a delicious meal.

Your menu might include a florescent fungus salad, cave jelly, roasted deep beetles and a toadstool steak. Wash Dishes : I think this would be in the main hall, which is area 3 on page Laundry : I guess to do laundry, you could hold garments under the waterfall at area 9. The idea of the heroes handling the dirty underwear of the drow is quite amusing. Where is Our Stuff? Gearless Start : The DM also has the option of just saying the gear is gone and having the heroes make do with whatever they can scavenge.

There are four important drow: Ilvara Mizzrym : She is the commander and a priestess. She hates this job.

Asha is no fan of Ilvara, and is quietly antagonizing Jorlan to try to get him to take out Ilvara. Shoor Vandree : Young and arrogant.

He has a wand of viscid globs. Jorlan Duskryn : A black ooze scarred his face and hand. Ilvara dumped him. Jorlan now hates Ilvara and Shoor. Velkynvelve side view Velkynvelve Mind Flayer Tadpole Trinkets : There are a bunch of areas with chests, each of which has d4 trinkets.

I cooked up some drow-centric trinkets. If you can, you should place them in chests prior to running the game, as rolling right there at the table is a big time-waster: A diary written in elvish, gives clues as to what it is like in Menzoberranzan. A vest with tiny pockets sized for vials of poison. An extremely detailed and well-done sketch of Ilvara Mizzrym, obviously done by someone who is infatuated with her. A sheet of parchment partially detailing a schematic of a drow crawler chest a treasure chest with spider legs, controlled by a magic ring.

It may need to eat pieces of brain on occasion. A bottle of fungus wine. Drow incense that, when inhaled, causes hallucinations and euphoria for d4 hours. A tiny glob of silvery goo called quintessence created by mind flayers. Ways to Escape : These are on page The adventure has a few suggestions on how the heroes bust out: Jorlan offers to unlock their door. Jorlan is angry that Ilvara cast him aside because of his disfigurement and is looking to embarrass her.

Demons attack. This is very cool. It might work out really well if a few heroes are doing forced labor while other members of the party are trapped in the slave pen. The heroes can free their friends and flee together. There are three escape tunnels to choose from. Check out the chart on page 18 for travel times. Check out page if the heroes go this way. West Passage: This leads to Darklake.

South Passage: This leads to Gracklstugh, which is 28 days away. For the next half of the book, the heroes wander the Underdark, looking for a way out. There is no set exit point! It is entirely up to you how and when they exit. The book even suggests using a magic portal on page Read Up on the Drow Pursuit : The entire time, the drow pursue the group as detailed on page Check out the Drow Chase stuff on page !

It should be implemented right away. Keep in mind on the journey, if the heroes do something that slows them down, the drow scouts will catch up with them. Madness Rules : These are detailed on page When a PC fails a madness check from being in the faerzress or laying eyes on a demon lord, etc.

In this way, characters can potentially accumulate multiple forms of madness. He asks the heroes to go back down to find out more in a place called Gravenhollow, where great knowledge is kept.

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